As a father with five children in the Utah public education system, I care deeply about this issue. We must have high quality education so our students have the training and skills necessary to enter the workforce and secure good, high-paying jobs.

In order for our education system to be successful, we must grow the economy to pay for the many new students entering the system and fairly compensate our teachers who sacrifice so much. I will work with parents and education stakeholders to identify more innovative ways to deliver education. I support more technology use in the classroom and more parental involvement. I will also fight for more local control. Those best able to understand the needs of students are the parents, teachers and policymakers who understand what is happening at a local level. I will fight the federal encroachment into our local education system.

  • I will continue working¬†to empower parents by giving them the tools to decide which schools are best for their children.
  • I support the recently implemented school grading system and will work to continue to improve it to allow parents the ability to get more specific information.
  • I support an increased use of technology innovations in the classroom to better transform the teachers role as one as a learning facilitator and gives students the tools to study at their own pace.
  • Technology can also lead to cost savings and a more efficient way of delivering quality education.
  • I will continue working to better align the education of our students to the needs of their future employers.