Working For Utah


With only one week remaining of our seven week Legislative session, every minute counts. This past week I have been hard at work ensuring that the bills we pass will be beneficial for our community. During week 6, we passed bills to safeguard the quality of our higher education institutionseliminate unnecessary school fees for Utah students and families, and safeguard our water future. During our last week on the hill, make sure you continue to follow along with the process in person or online at

Protecting Our Water Future


Last week, Senate President Adams and myself had the opportunity to present our bill, SB 211 Generational Water Infrastructure Amendments, to the House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee, where the committee unanimously voted to favorably recommend the bill. 

The water agent and water council this bill creates will help foster cooperation within the state and beyond to achieve outcomes where everyone wins and ensures our state has water for the next 100 years.

State Budget

The Executive Appropriations Committee made final recommendations for the fiscal year 2024-25 budget. This year’s recommendations bolster Utah’s longstanding legacy of fiscal stewardship in appropriations. Lawmakers’ recommendations include strategic investments across vital sectors, including education, social services, infrastructure, energy, and water, while providing Utahns with an income tax cut for the fourth consecutive year. Read more about the budget recommendations here.

Improving Housing Affordability


Studies have shown that the majority of children who grew up in Utah would like to continue to call Utah home as they enter adulthood. However, the rising cost of homeownership is a key factor in their decision to stay in the state. As we look to the future, we must create opportunities for our children and grandchildren to establish a home in Utah. The Legislature is working to identify innovative ways to facilitate investments in the housing market and streamline processes that will increase the housing supply for Utah. 

Reducing School Fees


Many parents and students have been overwhelmed by the amount and cost of school registration fees, particularly for high schoolers. HB 415, which passed the House with bipartisan support, will eliminate fees for any classes a student is required to take for graduation. Let’s keep our education system in Utah affordable and first-rate. 

School Safety and Security


This week, lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and education leaders discussed the School Security Task Force and legislation aimed to improve safety and security at Utah schools. The following bills will help teachers focus on teaching and students focus on learning.

  • B. 84School Safety Amendments: Improves training, communication, infrastructure, and response to better protect students, teachers, and other staff in the event of an emergency.
  • B. 14School Threat Penalty Amendments: Increases the penalties for threats against schools.

Bills Passed by the House this Week

H.B. 143 Shooting Range Requirements

H.B. 159 Bears Ears Visitor Center Advisory Committee Repeal Amendments

H.B. 219 Divorce Imputed Income Requirements

H.B. 220 Divorce Amendments

H.B. 224 Medical Surgery Amendments

H.B. 246 Office of Families

H.B. 323 Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Modifications

H.B. 327 Limitations on the Use of Polygraphs

H.B. 335 State Grant Process Amendments

H.B. 338 Mentally Ill Offenders Amendments

H.B. 344 Judicial Rules Review Amendments

H.B. 347 Educational Rights Amendments

H.B. 372 Legislative Committee Staff Requirements

H.B. 379 Federalism Commission Amendments

H.B. 382 Wildlife Amendments

H.B. 394 Homeless Services Funding Amendments

H.B. 402 State Campgrounds Amendments

H.B. 412 Legislative Auditor General Amendments

H.B. 413 Student Mental Health Amendments

H.B. 414 Due Process Amendments

H.B. 415 School Fees Amendments

H.B. 419 Charter School Funding Amendments

H.B. 427 Access to Protected Health Information

H.B. 429 State Employment Revisions

H.B. 435 Truth in Advertising Amendments

H.B. 438 Higher Education Revisions

H.B. 469 Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Amendments

H.B. 475 School Prescription Amendments

H.B. 560 Licensing Modifications

S.B. 25 Financial Institution and Consumer Notification Amendments

S.B. 44 Alternative Education Scholarship Combination

S.B. 65 Online Student Funding Amendments

S.B. 115 Higher Education Tuition Amendments

S.B. 125 Secondary Water Amendments

S.B. 137 Teacher Empowerment

S.B. 148 Aircraft Property Tax Amendments

H.R. 5 House Resolution Regarding the Trade Policies of the United States

H.J.R. 4 Joint Rules Resolution – Fiscal Note Process

H.J.R. 8 Joint Resolution Amending Rules of Civil Procedure on Change of Judge as a Matter of Right

H.J.R. 27 Joint Resolution Encouraging Water-efficient Landscaping Ordinances for New Construction

H.C.R. 10 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Utah’s Salvadoran Community

S.J.R. 9 Joint Resolution Honoring Utah’s Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Cultures and Communities

S.J.R. 13 Joint Resolution Expressing Friendship and Support for Taiwan

H.J.R. 17 Joint Rules Resolution – Agency Fees

H.R. 2 House Rules Resolution – Amendments to House Rules

S.B. 50 Aggravated Assault Modifications

S.B. 165 Title Recording Notice Requirements Amendments

S.B. 171 Municipal Rental Dwelling Licensing Amendments

S.B. 201 Municipal Incorporation Modifications

S.B. 59 Government Leased Property Tax Exemption

H.B. 290 Ranked Choice Voting Amendments

S.B. 150 Exercise of Religion Amendments

H.B. 395 DUI Offense Amendments

H.B. 470 Federal Agency Regulatory Review Amendments

S.B. 116 Eviction Notice Requirements Amendments

S.B. 143 Military Occupational Licensing Renewal Amendments

S.B. 187 Utah Fair Housing Act Amendments

S.B. 131 Information Technology Act Amendments

H.B. 376 Jail Photo Amendments

H.B. 421 Homelessness and Vulnerable Populations Amendments

H.B. 146 Human Trafficking Amendments

H.B. 337 Amendments to Mandatory Courses for Family Law Actions

H.B. 476 Municipal Land Use Regulation Modifications

H.B. 153 Child Care Revisions

H.B. 425 Health Insurance Benefit Amendments

H.B. 404 Public Entity Restrictions

H.B. 112 Sex Education Instruction Amendments

H.B. 269 Public School History Curricula Amendments

H.B. 324 Disability Services Amendments

H.B. 420 School Code of Conduct Protections

H.B. 448 State Water Program Reporting Requirements

H.B. 101 Law Enforcement Reporting Requirements

H.B. 330 Unincorporated Areas Amendments

H.B. 488 Transportation Funding Modifications

H.B. 465 Housing Affordability Revisions

H.B. 515 Election Administration Modifications

H.J.R. 13 Joint Resolution Amending Court Rules of Procedure and Evidence Regarding Preliminary Hearings

H.B. 405 Public Health Amendments

H.B. 80 Candidate and Officeholder Disclosure Modifications

H.B. 464 Social Media Amendments

H.B. 263 Statewide Online Education Program Funding Amendments

H.B. 457 Governmental Accounting Amendments

H.B. 236 Sales and Use Tax Modifications

H.B. 348 Precious Metals Amendments

H.B. 472 Water Revisions

H.B. 442 Local Option Sales Tax Amendments

H.B. 408 Ride-share Amendments

H.B. 483 Construction Trade Amendments

H.J.R. 23 Joint Rules Resolution – Legislative Process Amendments

H.B. 485 Special Education Amendments

H.B. 477 Criminal Investigations of School Employees

H.B. 480 Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives Amendments