Working For Utah


We’re more than halfway through our 45-day Legislative session! Week 4 has been productive, fast-paced, and meaningful for Utah. My colleagues and I have passed legislation to improve housing affordabilitycreate a 30 year statewide energy plan, and invest in our outdoor recreation opportunities. These bills have a real, meaningful impact not only for our state but for our community.

Make sure you’re following along with the process over the next 3 weeks! I would love to see you at the Capitol, but you can also participate online at

Helping Utah’s Homeless


As a Legislature, we’re taking steps to prevent and reduce homelessness for Utah. This week, the House unanimously passed H.B. 298 Homeless Services Amendments. This bill will help in the collection of effective data to track both trends and solutions surrounding homelessness. It also requires the state strategic plan on homelessness to be frequently updated to reflect proven strategies to reduce

For Utah Lands

We know what’s best for Utah and our lands – not the federal government. This week, the House Natural Resource Committee passed H.J.R. 26 Joint Resolution Rejecting Exchange of School and Institutional Trust Lands to reject a proposed land exchange of school and institutional trust lands and mineral interest for federal lands and mineral interests. 

Social Media

This week we announced enhanced legislation to protect youth from the harms of social media and empower families with resources to keep children safe. Utah is leading the nation with landmark legislation that helps safeguard kids and teens from the growing mental health crisis tied to the rise in social media addiction. I am committed to protecting minors from the harmful impacts of social media. 

Paid Student Teachers

Our teachers are vital to our education system, and we want to make sure they’re being set up for success from the start of their careers, which is why the House unanimously passed HB 221 Stipends for Future Educators. This bill creates a grant program for student teachers, many of whom are not currently paid for their work. This will allow them to focus on becoming the best educator they can be by easing their financial burdens. You can learn more here

Fighting for Utah

Over the past several decades, the federal government has regularly overstepped its constitutional role — imposing burdensome regulations, and acting against the best interests of Utah. From mismanagement of federal lands, to unrealistic regulations imposed on our state, Utahns have had enough, which is why the Legislature is taking action to push back. Let’s keep control of Utah in the hands of those who know our needs best – Utahns. 

I would also like to extend a thank you to Governor Cox for stepping up and doing what the federal government has failed to do: help secure our border. This past week, he announced Utah is sending members of the Utah National Guard as well as State Troopers to Texas to serve and defend our country. 

Bills Passed by the House this Week

H.B. 346 Talent Ready Utah Program Amendments

H.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution Celebrating Utah’s History of Welcoming Refugees

S.B. 36 Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority Sunset Amendments

S.B. 40 State Rehabilitation Advisory Council Amendments

H.B. 339 School Community Council Amendments

H.B. 200 Order for Life Sustaining Treatment Amendments

H.B. 387 Physician Workforce Amendments

H.J.R. 7 Joint Resolution Condemning Abusive Coaching Practices

H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution Creating the Butch Cassidy State Monument

H.J.R. 19 Joint Resolution Encouraging Support for the Houses Act

H.B. 384 Utah Geological Survey Data Submission Amendments

H.B. 383 Vehicle Registration Modifications

H.B. 86 Public Safety Data Amendments

H.B. 140 Amendments to Custody and Parent-time

H.B. 147 Threat of Violence Amendments

H.B. 157 Child Custody Factor Amendments

H.B. 158 Criminal Defamation Amendments

H.B. 268 Punitive Damages Amendments

H.B. 271 Law Enforcement Employee Overtime Amendments

H.B. 228 Public Employee Leave Amendments

H.B. 270 Multicounty Appraisal Trust Modifications

H.B. 40 Division of Consumer Protection Amendments

H.B. 145 Veterinary Amendments

H.B. 118 Prohibition of Production of Private Keys

H.B. 170 Unemployment Insurance Amendments

H.B. 221 Stipends for Future Educators

H.B. 13 Infrastructure Financing Districts

H.B. 36 Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments

H.B. 52 Industrial Hemp Amendments

H.B. 298 Homelessness Services Amendments

S.J.R. 11 Joint Resolution Recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the National Conference of State Legislatures

H.B. 286 State Aid for Scholarships

H.B. 296 Reading Disability Amendments

H.B. 198 Child Welfare Placement Review Amendments

H.B. 110 Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry Amendments

H.B. 177 Forcible Entry Warrant Amendments

H.B. 248 Inmate Amendments

H.B. 259 Juvenile Interrogation Modifications

H.B. 328 Victims of Sexual Offenses Amendments

H.B. 360 Outdoor Recreation Amendments

H.B. 90 Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Amendments

H.B. 322 Sexual Assault Investigation Amendments

H.B. 363 Livestock Grazing Amendments

H.B. 48 Utah Energy Act Amendments

H.B. 191 Electrical Energy Amendments

H.B. 125 Procurement Code Amendments

S.B. 82 Public Accommodation Amendments

S.B. 51 Road Construction Bid Limit Amendments

S.B. 39 Water Shareholder Amendments

S.B. 77 Water Rights Restricted Account Amendments

S.B. 122 Youth Apprenticeship Governance Structure Amendments

S.B. 35 Infertility Treatment Coverage Amendments

S.B. 46 Health and Human Services Amendments

H.J.R. 18 Joint Resolution for Education That Encourages Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

H.B. 403 Body Art Facility Amendments

S.B. 72 Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Amendments

H.B. 374 State Energy Policy Amendment

H.C.R. 3 Concurrent Resolution Regarding Child Sexual Abuse Material

H.B. 204 Towing Requirements

H.B. 293 Accessible Parking Amendments

H.B. 311 Lane Filtering Amendments

H.B. 313 Motor Carrier Amendments

H.B. 245 Utah National Guard Amendments

H.B. 284 Initiative Amendments

H.J.R. 14 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Statewide Initiatives