Dear Fellow Utahns,

Our nation was founded on the ideals of freedom and opportunity, limited government, and individual responsibility. Unfortunately, the American way is currently threatened by a weak economy, foreign enemies, and a heavy-handed federal government. Now, more than ever before, the United States needs a leader who will guide us back to our core values and to a more secure future. As such, we formally express our support for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.

During his presidency, President Trump fought for common-sense, conservative principles that Utahns align with. He nominated Supreme Court justices to defend the Constitution against political-biased decisions, delivered the strongest economy in our nation’s history, and advocated for reasonable and realistic domestic and foreign policies. We need a leader who will deter adversaries and hold our allies accountable, who isn’t afraid to stand up to China, Iran, Russia, and other worldwide threats. President Trump has proven that he will take action to secure our nation’s border, strengthen our military, and restore law and order domestically. He has also shown an unwavering commitment to putting Americans first.

Utah is at the forefront of federal government encroachment, and we need a president who will restore power back to the states and to the people. The current administration’s unrealistic, unreliable, and unattainable policies will have negative impacts for generations to come. A leader like President Trump will help reverse course and guide our state and nation to energy independence, state land sovereignty, and economic stability.

Together, we endorse President Donald J. Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

Speaker Mike Schultz