Working For Utah


With the shortest Legislative session in the country, our Representatives know how to make each day count. Last week, we passed meaningful Legislation that will benefit our community, including bills that increase stipends for educators to purchase classroom suppliesstrengthen security at our public schools, and streamline the judicial process. With only two weeks left, make sure you’re following along, in person or online at

Water Week

As the second driest state in the nation, we must continually plan for our water needs. Because water is a top priority for the Legislature, we designated this past week as Water Week at the Capitol. During the week, we heard and debated important bills that will help ensure our water future, such as SB 211, which addresses the development of water resources, and HB 453, which increases protections for the Great Salt Lake. Click here to learn more about how we plan to protect our water resources or click here to watch a short video.

Updated Budget Estimates

Today, the Governor’s Office and Utah State Legislature released revised revenue numbers for fiscal year (FY) 2024-25. Utah boasts the #1 economy in the nation, ranking as the best state for economic outlook for 16 years in a row and the best-prepared state in the nation for economic downturns and uncertainties. Revenue projections show a return to a more stabilized and consistent revenue stream. As such, our state will transition back to a more modest revenue flow. I am committed to keeping the cost of living low for Utahns and continuing to invest in ways that ensure the state is prepared for potential economic downturns. 

More Money for School Supplies

Utah teachers shouldn’t have to fork over their own money to pay for classroom supplies. That’s why, in a unanimous vote, the House passed H.B. 105. The bill would increase the school supply stipend for Utah teachers to $250 for teachers in grades 7-12 and $500 for kindergarten through sixth grade. The proposal builds on previous education investments, including a historic increase in teacher pay and per-pupil spending in the Beehive State.

National Security

In a globally connected world and with one of the strongest aerospace and defense industries in the nation, it’s important that we take steps to safeguard our state and nation from malicious foreign influences. This session, we are taking steps to protect land around military bases from being sold to hostile foreign governments and prohibit the state from purchasing technology manufactured by certain foreign entities. These steps, among others, will help safeguard Utah, and our nation, from outside threats. Click here to learn more.

Public Safety

Our strong public safety system is critical for our flourishing economy, strong communities, and high quality of life. However, with our growing population and the wave of rising crime nationwide, it’s critical that we continue to strengthen public safety. This week we passed bills that increase safety and security at the state correctional facility and help inmates safely reintegrate into societyenhance tools and resources to reduce recidivism, and streamline the expungement process.

Bills Passed by the House this Week

H.B. 38 Psychotropic Medication Oversight Pilot Program Amendments

H.B. 41 Health Data Authority Amendments

H.B. 51 Health and Human Services Funding Amendments

H.B. 79 Initiatives and Referenda Amendments

H.B. 84 School Safety Amendments

H.B. 89 Tax Refund Amendments

H.B. 100 Workforce Development Funding Amendments

H.B. 102 Peace Officer Standards and Training Amendments

H.B. 103 Salary Supplement for School Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists

H.B. 105 Educator Expense Modifications

H.B. 121 Educator Background Check Amendments

H.B. 124 Energy Infrastructure Amendments

H.B. 139 Mental Health Treatment Study

H.B. 148 Artificial Pornographic Images Amendments

H.B. 156 Burglary Amendments

H.B. 161 School Board Amendments

H.B. 173 Local School Board Amendments

H.B. 192 Local Education Agency Employee Paid Leave

H.B. 194 Child Placement Amendments

H.B. 197 Requirements for Supported Decision-making Agreements

H.B. 203 Involuntary Commitment Amendments

H.B. 209 Human Trafficking Civil Action Amendments

H.B. 216 Eliminating Minimum Time Requirements for Professional Training

H.B. 222 Wildlife Hunting Amendments

H.B. 226 Burglary Modifications

H.B. 231 Motor Vehicle Insurance Modifications

H.B. 238 Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Amendments

H.B. 247 Statewide Online Education Program Amendments

H.B. 262 School and Institutional Trust Lands Amendments

H.B. 273 Sentencing Modifications for Certain DUI Offenses

H.B. 276 Crime Victims Restitution Amendments

H.B. 282 Utah Office of Regulatory Relief Amendments

H.B. 291 Department of Agriculture and Food Amendments

H.B. 297 Utah Bee Inspection Act Amendments

H.B. 301 Charter School Accountability Amendments

H.B. 302 Paleontological Landmark Amendments

H.B. 308 Crime Victim Amendments

H.B. 309 Driver License Amendments

H.B. 319 Exchange of Clinical Health Information Amendments

H.B. 321 Eviction Records Amendments

H.B. 326 Firearm Safety Incentives

H.B. 331 School and Classroom Amendments

H.B. 332 Campus Safety Amendments

H.B. 334 Warning Label Amendments

H.B. 341 School Closure Amendments

H.B. 345 Driving Penalty Amendments

H.B. 351 Driving by Minors Amendments

H.B. 352 Amendments to Expungement

H.B. 353 Mining Operations Amendments

H.B. 355 Residential Rental Modifications

H.B. 356 Bail Amendments

H.B. 358 Pregnant and Postpartum Inmate Amendments

H.B. 362 Juvenile Justice Revisions

H.B. 365 Cosmetic Procedure Amendments

H.B. 366 Criminal Justice Amendments

H.B. 369 Defensive Force Amendments

H.B. 370 Dispatcher Discipline Amendments

H.B. 375 Domesticated Elk Amendments

H.B. 377 Podiatrist Practice Amendments

H.B. 378 First Responder Mental Health Services Amendments

H.B. 388 Person-Centered Services Amendments

H.B. 389 Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Modifications

H.B. 390 Newborn Safe Haven Amendments

H.B. 392 Nursing Care Facility Modifications

H.B. 396 Workplace Discrimination Amendments

H.B. 406 Firearms Financial Transaction Amendments

H.B. 410 Utah San Rafael State Energy Lab

H.B. 411 Local Governmental Entity Drug-free Workplace Policies Amendments

H.B. 418 Student Offender Reintegration Amendments

H.B. 422 Public Health Orders Amendments

H.B. 424 Lewdness Involving a Child Amendments

H.B. 431 Teacher Retention

H.B. 433 Brine Amendments

H.B. 437 Fire Amendments

H.B. 443 Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act Amendments

H.B. 451 Foster Care Amendments

H.B. 453 Great Salt Lake Revisions

S.B. 13 Education Entity Amendments

S.B. 18 Water Modifications

S.B. 22 Tax Information Sharing Amendments

S.B. 54 Property Tax Refund Amendments

S.B. 58 Property Tax Administration Amendments

S.B. 62 Dog Related Liability Amendments

S.B. 63 Board of Pardons and Parole Amendments

S.B. 64 Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program Amendments

S.B. 66 Criminal Offense Amendments

S.B. 67 Public Thoroughfare Amendments

S.B. 76 Evidence Retention Amendments

S.B. 81 County Clerk Amendments

S.B. 88 Juvenile Justice Amendments

S.B. 90 Technical Code Amendments

S.B. 92 Student Communication Methods

S.B. 94 Elections Records Amendments

S.B. 97 Process and Facilities Amendments

S.B. 98 Online Data Security and Privacy Amendments

S.B. 100 Local Referenda Amendments

S.B. 106 Public Cold Bath Requirements

S.B. 107 Election Process Amendments

S.B. 109 Corrections Modifications

S.B. 123 Commercial Email Act

S.B. 127 Nurse Apprentice Amendments

S.B. 130 Overdose Outreach Provider Amendments

S.B. 134 Child Welfare Amendments

S.B. 158 Youth Service Organizations

H.C.R. 4 Concurrent Resolution Proclaiming World Refugee Day

H.C.R. 6 Concurrent Resolution Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Tanner Dance Utah

H.C.R. 11 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Cross-issue Growth Impacts

H.C.R. 12 Employer Disclosure for Veterans

H.C.R. 13 Concurrent Resolution Related to the Division of Wildlife Resources

H.C.R. 18 House Concurrent Resolution Condemning and Censuring State School Board Member Natalie Cline

H.J.R. 22 Joint Resolution Regarding District Court Operations

S.C.R. 1 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing School Support Staff

S.J.R. 3 Joint Resolution Concerning the Success Sequence

S.C.R. 4 Concurrent Resolution Urging Changes to Ada Website Accessibility